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Product Total Results Freedom to Flourish Individual Coaching Package (Monthly)

In this all-inclusive coaching package, you will explore in depth 5 key steps that will equip, empower and encourage you to establish and build on a solid foundation for the Freedom to Flourish in your life. We will invite God into the process of the vision and purpose for your life, as well as identifying and overcoming barriers and obstacles to success. We will break goals down into small, manageable steps along the way. This program is designed to support you each step of the way as you implement new ways of thinking and being to truly thrive and flourish in your life! This package includes 12 bi-monthly sessions with pre and post session coaching support and access between sessions. In addition to being the greater value, provides more in-depth exercises and long-term accountability to support you in a lasting transformation process. 

Discovery Session and Coaching Agreement required prior to purchase.

Payment structure 300.00 USD First Month then 2400.00 USD split into 6 payments of 400 USD every month starting 03/02/2024

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First Month of 300.00 USD