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If you're here, you're ready for a change. (Right? Right!)

And if you're reading this, some of the following probably sounds familiar:

  • You know that in order to create change, you have to take risks. But taking risks often stops you in your tracks, because you have a lot to lose.
  • Although you seek change, you're afraid of making a big mistake and not being able to recover from it.
  • Your life is “safe,” as it is. But right now, "safe" feels synonymous with “boring and mediocre”! You want your life to be GREAT… and you know you need to take some chances in order for that to happen, but you're not sure which chances to take.
  • Your gut is telling you it's time to take action – even if that means moving beyond your comfort zone – but your mind is telling you, "That's just crazy!"
  • You're afraid taking a risk might result in failure, embarrassment, rejection, or loss … so you stick with what you know, even though you believe you could be happier and more fulfilled.

Do any of these resonate with you? Then I have good news: you're in the right place, and you're not alone. As humans, we're hard-wired to remain "safe," even if what we want most falls outside of that place. Therefore, millions of people avoid taking risks and stepping outside their comfort zones.

The result? Millions of people end up feeling stuck, like they're not living their full potential, and like there must be more to life. Do you want to live differently?


Courage, Risks and Rewards
Taking Chances to Change Your Life!

Here's a sneak peak of what this course covers:

Part 1. Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake

If you've ever held back from doing something because it was too risky, then it's time to change the way you think about taking risks/chances. You see, taking chances is an integral part of life! It's natural to experience fear or trepidation, and it's also very possible to overcome them … when you have the right tools.

Part 2. Your Attitude Toward Taking Chances

You're taking chances, all day, every day … whether you realize it or not. Every time you get in your car, walk across the street, or get on a flight, you're taking a risk. You can't completely avoid risk taking. What you CAN do is shift your attitude toward taking chances. 

Part 3. Why We Avoid Taking Risks & What Supports Risk Taking

Here, we'll continue to explore what it means to have courage, take risks, and reap the rewards. We take a deeper look at the positive side of risk taking. Once you've discovered why you avoid taking risks, we'll explore how to put supports in place to help you take more healthy risks. 

Part 4. What I Gain from Taking Chances

People often avoid taking risks because they're afraid of what they'll lose. It's time to shift your perspective and consider, instead, what you'll gain if the risk pays off.

Part 5. Review and Lock It In

Here, we'll review what you've learned so far, and you'll answer a final set of questions to lock in the new information.


This coaching program gives you what you need to begin to shift your perspective around taking the risks necessary to step out of your comfort zone and take steps in the direction of your full potential.

With this coaching program you will receive: 

  • Five online modules to take you through the information in this course, which you can complete at your own pace.
  • PDF versions of all accompanying Activity Sheets so you can begin your transformation as you learn.
  • Access to secure Private Client Portal where you access the course and store your answers.

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